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Best 6 Rooting Apps for Android without PC (KingRoot Alternatives)

Rooting is not a new concept. It is a well-known phenomenon for the guys who are habitual of experimenting with their smartphone and try to get more of them. The reason why Rooting is getting popular among the users is because of its amazing features. There are no restrictions and you can do various things… Read More »

Google Play Store Alternatives: Best 10 Websites and Apps for Free Download

Google Play Store Alternatives : Best 10 Websites and Apps Google Play may be the key destination for Android users that fulfills our demands for apps and games. But with its enormous group of countless of programs, you may not obtain the program that you’re seeking. The program might well not be accessible in your… Read More »

Ransomware – What is ransomware virus? Example with type of ransomware

Hello and welcome to my friends today we discuss about the method of ransomware removal. Before discussing the above mentioned method we need to know about ransomware. What is ransom ware ? Ransomware or ransom malware is a type of computer malware which restrict the access of your computer system and prevent to use your… Read More »