8 Free WordPress Themes for Actors in 2018


8 Free WordPress Themes for Actors

Acting requires a lot of talent, skill, luck and reach. If you don't know anyone in the industry and if you don't have a name for yourself then you will be having a tough time going to all the auditions in the world to land a small-time gig.

Fortunately, the internet and the power of online portfolios elevate the chances of landing a job by showcasing everything you’ve got in one place. Today, actors are expected to have a website to explain their skills and WordPress offers a platform for great thematic designs for your website, and for gaining more audience. Finding a free WordPress theme for actors isn’t all that easy though. There are a lot of choices to pick from and it’s important to understand which theme will work in showing off your assets without confusing your hiring agent.

Below we’ll be mentioning 8free WordPress themes for actors and why they are worth trying out.

8) StanleyWP

StanleyWP is a simple theme without much information or substance blocking or confusing the viewer. You can add thumbnails or images below which upon clicking can be expanded and further explained. The theme is made with a bootstrap framework for increased responsiveness and compatibility with other devices.

7)Parallax Me

The theme combines the Parallax scrolling effect with slideshows to highlight your best headshots and snaps at the beginning of the page. The parallax effect helps anyone viewing your portfolio to easily navigate to what they want to see. You can add tons of shortcodes to bring the webpage to life even more.


Jinn is a more descriptive and a fully loaded webpage. It works for anyone who has a lot to say and show on their page.  The bootstrap framework used in the theme makes sure your page will be very responsive and compatible with different screen sizes and devices.  The site navigation is fairly easy, there are links to other parts of the page above but scrolling down can give a snippet of your gallery or work you've done and then provide a ‘See More' link underneath.


Hitchcock is a minimalist WordPress theme with a simple design. The theme is straight to the point, the front page invites its audience to your headshots and other works in a grid-style gallery. The images in the gallery can be expanded upon clicking and you can add texts and explain your circumstances or the works you took, or you could embed a video to it to show your acting skills on it.


Amadeus is a responsive minimalist theme with a parallax header and provides huge customization options. While the theme itself looks more like a blog theme, adding plugins and making a portfolio gallery can easily turn the theme into a free WordPress theme for actors. If you like to make your theme work with your own ideas, Amadeus provides an easy, clean and well-designed webpage theme to work on and develop.


Idyllic is more of a business theme combined with a portfolio theme and so it is very sleek and professional in design, but it doesn't shy away from using design practices that are unorthodox when it comes to rigid business themes. Idyllic offers parallax scrolling and a responsive UI. It also has beautiful animations of texts and images popping up when scrolling. There are links to several pages with drop down menus, but the hidden sidebar allows to add everything important about you in it. You can even add a voice note and a couple of gallery images too.

2) Portfolio Gallery

If you've got modelling experience along with acting experience, this will be very apt for you. Portfolio Gallery is one of the best free WordPress theme for actors with a lot of pictures to display. It's a huge dark themed gallery that grows further as you scroll down. The gallery is arranged well, and it feels clean. It allows the addition of images of various dimensions to be posted and yet it can still retain a sense of style and pattern to it. You can embed links on to the images to play videos upon clicking. Site navigation is right next to the gallery which can also be used to add a clean headshot of yours. The theme offers tons of customization options in terms of fonts, letter spacing, and headers etc.

1) Photograph

A more professional and sleeker version of the previously mentioned Portfolio Gallery. Instead of filling the page with images right off the bat, the theme provides a beautiful parallax header image with a transparent top navigation bar that would fit well with a picture with a black background. Upon scrolling down, the gallery pops up with a quick but clean animation. The images can be of any dimension and the theme allows embedding videos from different sources like Vimeo or YouTube into the gallery and this boosts the availability of your content on the page.


We hope the above mention themes will satisfy your needs to build an Actors Portfolio. If you are not satisfied with these free themes, do check the premium Actor WordPress themes published on wpera.net. If have any suggestions or queries regarding WordPress Actor themes, let me know through the comment box.