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Google Home Review – A to Z Review

In the latest race of smart speakers, Google has entered with its latest model, Google Home, costing ₹9,999. It’s simple and innovative design will be competing with echo launched by Amazon. The speaker has Google Assistant’s powers and can respond to all kinds of questions and commands, it can search and play music and movies… Read More »

Top 10 Echo Accessories to Buy in 2019

It is anything but a distortion to state that Amazon’s Echo line-up of shrewd speakers has totally changed cutting-edge homes. Fueled by Alexa, the web-based business behemoth’s remote helper, Echo gadgets let clients do everything from setting cautions to controlling indoor regulators, all utilizing voice directions. The line-up incorporates a few elements pressed associated gadgets,… Read More »

Things to Consider When Hiring an Appliance Repair Service

Modern day technology has been helping to improve the living standards. Each machine developed has minimized the work of man, replacing the traditional workloads. However, the machines developed are prone to faults. Appliances used are fixed through appliance repair services that are provided by the repairing companies, which help fix the appliances and eliminating the… Read More »

5 Most Trending Home Automation Hubs – AR Solutech recommendation

Smart hubs are sort of a brain: they receive and send signals which will modify your lights, amendment the temperature, brew your low, and far additional. With a wise hub, you’ll integrate completely different devices in order that they work cohesively and build a seamless expertise. Hubs will work with Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and IFTTT protocols, among others, thus you’ll set a selected sequence of events. For instance: once I’m on the methodhome, modify the temperature. And this is often simply the beginning; as devices and third-party integration capabilities still evolve, thus can the eventualities you’llproduce. Wink Hub 2… Read More »