Human nature automatically has been programmed to become socially active to some platform. Many people are busier, while some are somewhat less!

But, people have been on the lookout for means to join and network with each other. And, in this era of digitization, people are finding ways to become more active on the World Wide Web that will be achievable with the dawn of the many social media platforms and apps.

Now, even connections begin, end and grow on societal networking. Individuals no longer require a personal hand shake or face-to-face interview.

Social networking internet sites also have increased in amounts by bounds and leaps. In accordance with the statistics shown on Statista, roughly two billion users used social media apps & websites in 2015. And, with all the greater utilization of cellular phones, this number is very likely to cross over the 2.6 billion markers from 2018.

Thus, in the following guide, we discuss a number of the very popular social networking sites which are increasingly being researched by the entire world today. You are able to learn if your preferred social networking platform is part of the list as well as understand a few really superior online societal apps which you could begin using today.


Let’s talk about all these popular Social Media Marketing Sites.


  1. Facebook

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

That is the most significant social network site on earth and among the very frequently utilized. And, Facebook was possibly the earliest that exceeded that the milestone of just one billion user balances.

Besides the capacity to network with associates and family relations, you might even get different Facebook apps to offer on the web and also you may even promote or market your small business, products and brand using paid Facebook advertising.

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Recently Facebook has now lost the confidence of millions of its users by allowing 3rd parties to get over 87 million users’ personal data. This really is a gigantic breach of trust, and it has made a sense of unrest between the social networking platform’s viewers. So much so there was presently a #deletefacebook effort where people are removing themselves out of face book and with different apps alternatively. If you should be worried in exactly what Facebook does with your own data, then why don’t you test out my direct on alternatives to Facebook, and also see whether there exists a far better place that you socialize with family members and friends.


Active users per month: 1.59 billion approximately

Facebook dating app

  1. WhatsApp

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

Despite being acquired by Facebook at 2014, this second messaging platform is present as an independent thing.

It came much later than Facebook, but has managed to catch the imagination of tens of thousands of people all over the world giving them the capacity to convey and share immediately with groups and individuals. The Whatsapp call feature is simply the cherry on this cake!


Active users per month: 1 billion approximately


  1. Q-Q

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

Tencent QQ (more broadly called Q-Q) is an instant messaging (chat-based) social networking platform.  It turned into international (with over 80 countries deploying it), once it was established in China.

It may be utilized to remain in contact with friends through texts, texts, video calls and voice chats. It has an integrated converter to interpret your own conversations.

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Active users per month: 853 million approximately


  1. WeChat

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

This really is an all-round communications app for both calling and messaging (like whatsapp ) which lets you relate to the people of one’s selection. It had been likewise developed by ten-cent in China and may work alongside Q-Q. In accordance with the BI intellect record, the range of most We chat users ‘ are fast catching up with the amount of most whatsapp users.

Active users per month: 697 million approximately


  1. QZone

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

Much like Q-Q and We chat, QZone is still another social network service made by Tencent. It allows one to share photos, see videos and listen to music, write blogs, maintain diaries and so forth. Additionally, it enables you to pick the accessories and also customize the appearance and texture of one’s QZone webpages.

Active users per month: 640 million approximately


  1. Tumblr

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

Was possessed by Yahoo as 2013, Tumblr functions like a social networking hard core micro blogging stage which may be employed to get and follow matters that you just like. It is also possible to use it to place such a thing, including multimedia, into a short-form site. What’s more, it provides you with the flexibility to customize nearly everything.

Active users per month: 555 million approximately


  1. Instagram

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

Instagram was started as an original social media stage which has been solely predicated on sharing videos and photos. This photo sharing social media app lets you catch the finest moments of your lifetime, together with your mobile’s camera or every camera, and then convert them to pieces of art.

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It is achievable because Instagram enables one to apply numerous filters to your photos and also you may quickly place them into other favourite social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s currently a portion of this Facebook Empire.

Active users per month: 400 million approximately


  1. Twitter

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

This social network site lets one to publish short texts (called tweets) characters (around 140), to communicate your message into the globe. With the rising craze for internet shopping, Twitter makes it feasible to promote your own businesses and also shop through tweets

Active users per month: 320 million approximately


  1. Google+

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018
Google Plus

Inspired by the technology giant Google, this interest-based social media platform lets you keep in contact with people by simply sharing messages, videos, photographs, links that are useful to internet sites and so forth. Additionally, it extends support for videoconferencing through hang-outs and allows organizations to advertise their products and brands through Google+ firm pages.

Active users: 300 million approximately

Google Closed this project now 2019

  1. Baidu Tieba

Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018

Founded by Baidu of China, an internet search engine firm, Baidu Tieba (referred to as Postbar globally) is really a societal forum system dependent on the key word searches from the Baidu search engine optimization. This conversation forum works to the exceptional idea of letting you generate a social networking group to get a certain topic, utilizing the internet search, and sometimes to even combine an current online societal collection.


Active users per month: 300 million approximately

Facebook fixed the flaw, 50 million accounts affected