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Six Internet Safety Tips for Everyone Must Use in Everyday Life

The internet today is not the way it once used to be. Now, it is home to millions of websites that are a far cry from their earliest predecessors. And it offers more digital entertainment than what was once thought possible. Its popularity has also grown a lot due to cheap ISP costs in the… Read More »

8 Ways You can Become a Web Designer – A Complete Guidance

Want to become a web designer? This is definitely a lucrative job these days. However, before you actually make your way into the industry and start a career. Listed below is a step-by-step guide to help you understand all essential tools, skills, and knowledge required to build a long-term, successful career in the competitive field… Read More »

The EagleGet Download Manager – The Ultimate tool for boosting download speeds

Introduction The eagleGet download manager is a tool that proactively acts as catalyst when downloading a particular file which might be either a media file or business document. It is useful for all types of downloading task. Being suitable just does not mean being fast it on the brighter side saves a lot of time… Read More »

The Secret for Building an Innovative Mobile Application

  The mobile app market is one that helps the entrepreneurs to reach their business and products to their potential targeted audience, there are a lot of ways to scale up your business or even the service that you are providing to your customers but mobile apps are one that stands out in the market.… Read More »

Top 10 Best Android Apps For 2019 Make Your Phone Smart!

The wide variety of apps in the Google Play store has grown to almost 3.3 million only March 2019. There are a couple of apps with the identical functionalities. So, in preference to trying all of them, we’ve saved you a while by means of compiling this list of loose and high-quality Android apps. Those… Read More »

Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap 3 vs 4 Explained in 11 Points

Bootstrap was born in 2010 as a project inside the social Twitter. Given its strong effectiveness and its simple and intuitive use it was then made independent and usable for everyone. In fact, it is currently the most used framework in the world for the creation of responsive web interfaces that is able to adapt… Read More »

Hardware vs. software keylogger – How do they work and which one’s best for monitoring

It was back in 1983 when the practice of recording keystrokes begun. Initially, it was done on computers and keylogging was mostly associated with a virus or spyware. After all, the purpose of such programs was to capture personal or confidential information, like passwords and social security numbers. Now things have changed. Yes, there are… Read More »

Trending TV Channel Apps for your Smartphone Must Use in 2018

The sources of entertainment change with passage of time. Nowadays, entertainment is mainly provided by the smartphone you use on the frequent basis. Most of the times, you are not at home while your favorite TV show is running on the National TV and you certainly miss it due to hectic schedule. However, your problem… Read More »

Best 6 Rooting Apps for Android without PC (KingRoot Alternatives)

Rooting is not a new concept. It is a well-known phenomenon for the guys who are habitual of experimenting with their smartphone and try to get more of them. The reason why Rooting is getting popular among the users is because of its amazing features. There are no restrictions and you can do various things… Read More »