Saturday, May 30, 2020

CompTIA Top Selling Exam 2020 | CompTIA Certification Training

Computer Technology Industry Association or CompTIA is a trade association that’s working non-profitably. From the past 20 years, CompTIA has given about 2 million+ certifications globally to becomes the leading industry...

How to Protect Your Personal Data on The Internet

We are living in an era in which technology and the internet have become an important part of our life. We do most of our work with the help of the...
PUBG Mobile Season 10

PUBG Mobile Season 10 , 0.15.5 update, new features and more

PUBG Mobile Season 10  PUBG Mobile is planned to roll out a new update, PUBG Mobile Season 10 coming soon. PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update is yet to roll out, but leaks have already given...

PhonePe UPI India’s Payments App | Free UPI App PhonePe

PhonePe is an Indian financial company founded in December 2015. PhonePe is provided UPI (Unified Payments Interface) based online payment system. It is based on BHIM UPI to provide seamless...

Google Home Review – A to Z Review

In the latest race of smart speakers, Google has entered with its latest model, Google Home, costing ₹9,999. It's simple and innovative design will be competing with echo launched by Amazon....
Internet Safety tips

Six Internet Safety Tips for Everyone Must Use in Everyday Life in 2019

Internet Safety is a significant part of life. The internet today is not the way it once used to be. Now, it is home to millions of websites that are a...

Google Introduces Site Kit WordPress Plugin for the website

Google site kit isGoogle product which integrates with wordpress CMS. Site kit tool will tracking the all web pages statistics under the one platform. Google analytics, webmaster, Google page speed insight and AdSense. These tools integrated in wordpress plugin for the website for tracking the website analytics.

Does encryption do more good than harm? Read Complete Story About Encription

Ethical considerations are becoming issues most so, with advancement in technological level today. Peoples’ privacy and confidentiality has been interrupted through various ways with the help of ICT. Through the social...

The EagleGet Download Manager – The Ultimate tool for boosting download speeds

Introduction The eagleGet download manager is a tool that proactively acts as catalyst when downloading a particular file which might be either a media file or business document. It is useful for...

Most shocking mobile app trends in 2019

In this digital world, mobile apps are promising solutions for different tasks such as the calling of a cab, online shopping and searching for a particular place etc. Along with the...

Technology Is Killing Many Peoples’ Job: Read full Story

Recently in the US country, robotics and automation is the main reason for job losses. Even the administration of the United States of America has decided to downplay the automation and...

Why MilesWeb Shared Hosting Is better than other web hosting providers?

If you hear the name of web hosting then shared hosting is the first option that comes to your mind, right? If you are a blogger, small business or medium –...

History of Apple Apple Logo: Before and Now

Apart from the epic heritage of innovative products, there is an equally fascinating history of corporate identity. The firstly Apple logo was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976,...

9 Most Loving Trends of Content Marketing Useful for Your Business

Business is business, but then content is the king. And if you need to boost the sales graph of your business, you just cannot do away with the idea of content...

How Appium can be used in test automation? Free Native Apps Testing Platform

Primarily used for automating native apps, Appium is also used for mobile web and hybrid application on iOS mobile, Android or Windows desktop platforms. It is an open source tool, which...

Hardware vs. software keylogger – How do they work and which one’s best for...

It was back in 1983 when the practice of recording keystrokes begun. Initially, it was done on computers and keylogging was mostly associated with a virus or spyware. After all, the...